Wednesday, 23 September 2015

OurNew Zealand Flag

We have been learning about our New Zealand flag, and why it is unique to represent our country. The entire class voted to see who thought we should have a new flag. It was unanimous... We want to keep the one we have.


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  2. Great video Room 78! You've been learning your history and practicing hard, it shows! Our flag is a good one, but perhaps it could be even better, to represent a multicultural nation - one that looks a LOT different to what it did in 1902. Our little nation has come a long way :) I loved your video, and I even learnt a few things while listening! Keep learning :)

  3. Awesome video Room 78! I agree, leave the flag alone!
    I like the link it has to our sovereign, seen in the Union Jack. I also think we should stay in the commonwealth because I believe in the traditions of the monarchy.
    Soldiers fought under our flag, and it is important to a lot of people in New Zealand.
    Great work team, keep it up :)

  4. I agree with you. Keep the current flag. Love your video. Your argument is very factual and valid. Adults could learn a lot from you kids!


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