Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Human domino's

We are learning 9 different greetings in Te Reo. 
We practiced by playing human dominoes to find others with the same greeting. SOme cards had the words, some had an image showing when ewe would use it.


Ata Marie - Good morning
Ahiahi Marie - Good afternoon
Po Marie -  Good evening
Morena - Good morning
Tena Koe - Hello to one
Tena Korua - Hello to two
Tena Koutou - Hello to all
Tena Koutou Katoa - 
Kia Ora - Hi
We linked to the person with a
matching pair.
The boys link a little differently, to show
 when they were linked.
The girls form an orderly line.
The boys think outside the square


Ko _________toku ingoa.
(name)         my name

Ko_______ ahau.
(name)    I

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