Thursday, 20 August 2015

Hornby High's Head Boy visits...

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Laurence, Head Boy of Hornby High School and former South Hornby student. Lawrence was one of our first Trusted Kids, back in 2008.  The values he learned and demonstrated, way back when he was at South Hornby have set him up to be the person he is today. They've stood him in good stead for his current role as Head Boy. He is a role model for others, within his school and community.
Lawrence slots back in at South Hornby.
He was the captain of his rugby, softball and touch teams. 
He no longer plays due to a recent surgery... which we all all found fascinating to watch it pop! (except the cringing teachers!).
Lawrence & Tyrone (Paige's brother) organised to get our goal posts, 
way back when he was in Year 6. 

He gave tips for budding future Head Boys & Head Girls. 
"Be yourself!" ...and remember your values.
What a fantastic role model.
He looks up to his Dad
His idol is Dan Carter.

Laurence wants to become a teacher and has been inspired by our very own Mr Maddren!

It was fantastic to see how confident and articulate Lawrence spoke in front of the group. 


  1. I wasn't exactly there the whole time, I was busy. At first I thought he was telling us about cyber bullying or something like that. But Laurence, seemed inspiring. I think I can learn a whole lot from him about being a leader. I enjoyed having him in the class.

  2. There is Laurence spelt two different ways Laurence and Lawrence!


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