Friday, 22 May 2015

this is my slide about the moon if you want to know about the moon there is some info about it in here.


  1. HI Jairna
    I really like your slide show about the Moon. Brooklan told me that you were doing it for a Hot Spots activity. Did you know that we have a Maths group in LC11&12 called the Moon group. Did you also know that I wasn't born when the first man landed on the moon.

  2. hi jJarna
    I like how you made it a good subject. what did you do it for? the moon is hard so if you fall over it will hurt.

  3. hi jarna
    I realy like how you made spin around did you know room 11 and 12 also have a maths group called the moon how did you make it spin around?.

  4. thank you jesmer for putting a comment on the class blog

  5. WOW so much things I never knew about
    very good


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